Bobbi Newman, MLIS, MA

Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist, Region 6

Bobbi Newman is the Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist at the Network of the National Library of Medicine, where she helps public libraries meet the health information needs of their communities.
Bobbi currently serves as a member of the Let’s Move in Libraries advisory board and on the Information Technology Policy (ALA) advisory committee. 
In the past, she has served as an American Library Association Councilor-at-Large, a member of the OITP Advisory Committee, and a member of the OITP Digital Literacy Task Force. She is involved in national library initiatives, including past service on the Public Libraries Respond to the Opioid Crisis with their Community steering committee, NISO committee to develop a Consensus Framework to Support Patron Privacy in Digital Library and Information Systems and the Pew Internet & American Life Project research on Libraries in the Digital Age. She is a regular speaker at local, national, and international events covering topics such as the future of libraries, digital literacy, ebooks, policy, and innovation and change.
​She is a librarian, writer, consultant, library advocate, and an international speaker and is the author of the award-winning blog, Librarian by Day. 
Bobbi holds a Masters of Arts in Information Research and Library Science, a Masters of Arts in Political Science, and a Graduate Certificate in Public Management. She has received awards for her service and teaching.

Classes I Teach

Event Title Summary
NNLM Book Discussion, May 2 - July 31, Doing Harm You are invited to join us for the first NNLM Book Discussion. From May 1 until July 31, join your fellow librarians and read Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick by Maya Dusenbery! 
Region 6: NNLM Day at MLA 2022 Meet the NNLM Region 6 during NNLM Day at MLA 2022! At this session, we will highlight our activities in the first year of the new Region 6 program. Additionally, we will share upcoming activities and programs NNLM members can look forward to in the coming year. Come share your ideas of relevant programming that interests you, and the other members of the region.

The online event is free and available to all.
Wellness in the Library Workplace You’re a library worker. You’re already helping those in your community find health information. As a library worker, what are you doing to manage your own well-being? Join us for this 2-week, 4 credit-hour online class to discover ways to improve your own personal well-being and create a healthy workplace. If you are a supervisor, how are you helping to ensure your staff stays healthy (physically, emotionally, etc.)? We will also discuss ways to increase overall wellness for all staff in libraries so that we have happy, healthy, and safe work environments.

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