Black Maternal Health Toolkit

Black Maternal Health Toolkit

Resources for Individuals

Resources for Individuals

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The resources on this page are meant to provide quick guide provides actionable information to help pregnant people and their families make informed decisions about pregnancy, birthing health and postpartum.  This is for information only and is not meant to provide medical advice.  

Medline Plus is the National Library of Medicine source of easy-to-understand health information.  Find out more about Medline Plus resources about pregnancy by clicking on the logo.

Medline Plus Logo

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Hear Her campaign promotes the importance of advocating for the health and care of pregnant person and their baby by  listening and acting quickly.

Know the warning signs which can appear up to one year after the birth of the baby.  Click the picture below.

CDC Hear Her Campaign poster

Prenatal Through Postpartum Health Information Resources (Downloadable Handout)

Graphic for Maternal Health Mental Health Hotline


Black Coalition for Safe Motherhood ACTT  

ACTT stands for:

A-Ask Questions Until You Understand the Answers

C- Claim Your Space--Physical and Mental

T- Trust Your Body

T- Tell Your Story

Check out their website for videos dramatizing care experiences and addressing them using ACTT.


Black Maternal Health Podcast

Dr. Josephine Pugh and Russia Chavis, MA host discussions around thriving and not just surviving through pregnancy, childbirth, parenthood, and beyond. 

Birth Stories in Color Podcast:

Hosted by Laurel Gourrier and Danielle Jackson, Birth Stories in Color (BSiC), a podcast for Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latino and Multiracial individuals to share their birthing experiences. 


Beyond the soundbites and statistics about Black maternal health are real people with intimate stories about their pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care. NATAL is a narrative podcast that highlights Black parents, birthworkers, medical professionals, and advocates fighting daily for better care and outcomes for Black families around the country.



Research & Advocacy

Research & Advocacy

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Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) Maternal and Infant Mapping Tool 

Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System (CDC)

Data 4 Black Lives

Want to get involved and make a difference? D4BL is a racial justice organization committed to the mission of using data to create concrete and measurable change in the lives of Black people.


Born out of a pandemic, but not defined by it, COVID Black developed resources and programs, and advocated for critical and justice-oriented theoretical frameworks for empowering Black health in use of data about Black life and racial health disparities.


PMC Article: Environmental Factors Involved in Maternal Morbidity and Mortality from the Journal of Women's Health.

All of Us Research Program


All of Us Research Program banner

The National Institutes of Health's  All of Us Research Program aims to reflect the rich diversity of our country and help us learn more about how genes, health habits, and the environment intersect and affect our health. What researchers learn will support new health discoveries while helping people better understand themselves. Learn how researchers are using data to better understand the reproductive health of Black birthing people. Discover more research projects that are using All of Us Research Program data to address Black Maternal health disparities. 


Black Mamas Matter Alliance 

This organization works to "advance maternal health, rights and justice."

Childbirth Connection 

This organization provides educational content and resources for pregnant people and information on policies and initiatives impacting maternal healthcare. 

Laboring with Hope documentary 

Dr. Nakeitra Burse is the Executive Producer of Laboring with Hope. Earlier this year, Dr. Burse worked with NNLM Region 5, to screen her documentary. Learn more about Region 5's event on their blog:

Black Women's Health Imperative

This organization advocates for policies and education to improve health outcomes for Black women. 


For additional reading and resources on Black Maternal Health topics, check out the NNLM Reading Club page and NNLM webinars.