Debra Trogdon-Livingston

User Experience and Education Strategist, Region 2

I am the User Experience and Education Strategist for Region 2. I teach health literacy, evaluate programming, and act as the main point of communication throughout the region.

Classes I Teach

Event Title Summary
Empowering Your Community: Using Health Literacy to Help Patients Become Their Own Health Advocate Region 2 hosts guest speaker Jessica Daly, MLS, and “Hospital Librarian of the Year for 2020” by the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library of Medicine, for a discussion about empowering community members to be their own patient advocate by improving patient health literacy,
Region 2: NNLM Day at MLA 2022 Meet the NNLM Region 2 during NNLM Day at MLA 2022! At this session, we will highlight our activities in the first year as the new Region 2 program. Additionally, we will share upcoming activities and programs NNLM members can look forward to in the coming year. Come share your ideas of relevant programming that interests you, and the other members of the region.

The online event is free and available to all.
Tackling Inclusivity and the Future of Oral Health More details to come.

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