Introducción a MedlinePlus

3 months 4 weeks ago
Para ayudar a los instructores a enseñar MedlinePlus, el contenido del Tutorial de MedlinePlus para bibliotecarios y educadores en salud se ha adaptado en una presentación de diapositivas titulada “Introducción a MedlinePlus“. La presentación incluye algunas diapositivas sobre cómo navegar la sección de Genética. Estas diapositivas no tienen restricciones de derechos de autor, pero agradecemos la atribución a la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina... Read More »

Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community

4 months 2 weeks ago
A chef cooks along with young onlookers. Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community: A Story from Region 2  In this engaging episode of the NNLM Discovery podcast, Chef Alex Askew, a culinary virtuoso and Region 2 Regional Advisory Board member, serves us a taste of his transformative “Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community” initiative.

New Season New Faces

5 months 2 weeks ago
Meet Blog Writer Dasha Maye with an Ikigai Interview Dasha Maye is an Assistant Professor at MUSC and the new Technology and Communication Strategist for Region 2. A lover of streaming, meditation, and international dance styles, Dasha is also the new contributor to the Southeastern Spotlight, and what better way to introduce our new strategist... Read More »

NNLM Resources for APHA 2023

5 months 2 weeks ago
Join the Network Membership is free! Create a username and password to start accessing free trainings and resources from the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM). Access Free Trainings NNLM offers synchronous and asynchronous trainings on public health and health information topics. Register today for these upcoming webinars! “Rural Health Resources” November... Read More »
Elizabeth Roth
3 months 1 week ago
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